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Vital Records

Vital Records | Registration of Assumed Names | Sangamon County Clerk | Don Gray | Sangamon County, Illinois

How to Apply for an Assumed Business Name (DBA)

  • Check with the proper Zoning Department to ensure the proposed business is in compliance with all applicable zoning rules and regulations. If the business address is in another county, you should contact the Zoning Department in that county.
    • Sangamon County Zoning Department, Room 213 Sangamon County Building (217) 753-6760
    • City of Springfield Zoning Department, Room 304 Municipal Center West (217) 789-2171
    • Other incorporated areas of Sangamon County, you should contact that village or city
    • If the business is in another county, you should contact the zoning department for that county
    • If you are conducting business in Sangamon County but the physical address is located in another county or state, you can list that actual physical address as the business address and provide us with a separate mailing address in the Sangamon County.

To apply online:

Click here to start the online registration of your business name


  • Complete the two page application: Certificate of Ownership of Business and the Notice Under Assumed Business Name Act.

  • Both forms must be signed by one of the business owners. The required filing/publication fee is $27.00 to file and publish in the State Journal-Register or $71.00 to file and publish in the Illinois Times.  (Total fee includes the County Clerk's $11.00 filing fee and the newspaper publication fee).
  • Choose which newspaper you would like the notice published in.  It will be published three times for three weeks in a row.  Indicate on the form which newspaper.  The County Clerk’s office will send the form and your payment to the newspaper you have indicated.
  • When signing the forms you are attesting to the fact that the information is true and correct. All information will be published as it is listed on the forms.
  •  Once payment is received, the newspaper will send your original proof of publication certificate to the County Clerk to complete your file.  The County Clerk will send you a copy of the Certificate of Publication along with a Certificate of Ownership within about 4 to 6 weeks from the original filing date.
  • To cancel an Assumed Business Name in its entirety, you most complete the Cancellation Form and mail in with the $1.50 fee.  All business owners must sign the cancellation from and have their signatures notarized.
  • To change the business or owner's address or the phone number, you must complete the Certificate of Assumed Business Name change form.  This can be mailed, emailed to or faxed to the office at (217) 535-3233.


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